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  • Hi, I’m Jeroen

    When you work with Online Brand Ambassadors, you work with me ;-) I have developed and managed websites and digital advertising campaigns for twenty years, for hundreds of long-term clients in a wide variety of industries. Adding POPIA / PAIA compliance to my portfolio in 2020 has allowed me to combine my formal training in law (LLM) and philosophy (MPHIL) with my hands-on experience as an online advertiser and developer.

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  • We have twenty years of experience in digital advertising under our belt.

    In that time we have refined our skills to a fine art. We love what we do, we're good at what we do, and we have the track record to show for it.
  • Web designer and advertising agency in Paarl
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    Why companies should respect consumers’ right to privacy

    You may be thinking: "To hell with data protection, what about my profits?" or "I have nothing to hide". Surely, there is money to be made from people's private information. Most tech companies monetise the information they collect from people – by selling or exchanging raw data, or by processing it ... Read / View all articles