Digital advertising focused on trusted, privacy-compliant customer relationships.

  • Why advertising & data privacy?

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    1. Advertising is all about bringing across a message in the best possible way.
    2. New technologies allow advertisers to target messages at specific audiences and analyse their response in great detail.
    3. Abuse of these technologies, however, has necessitated a more privacy-driven approach to advertising, focused on consumer privacy, data security concerns, and on building trusted relationships with audiences.


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    … because people have come to expect useful, relevant experiences that respect their privacy.

    People want brands they care about to build transparent and meaningful relationships with them. While they interact with digital products and services via a multitude of touch points and channels, people want control over how their data is used.

    Today – moving towards a Web 3.0 – ethical digital advertising requires respect for data privacy and a focus on building long-term, consensual and trusted relationships with customers based on “first-party data“.

    First-party data is information collected from consumers with direct consent – through interactions on apps and websites, and in response to marketing initiatives, like email and loyalty programmes. When used responsibly, first-party data allows brands build direct relationships with their customers, create value, and boost advertising performance.