Digital advertising focused on trusted, privacy-compliant customer relationships.

  • Digital Advertising

    We develop coherent and consistent advertising material and campaigns, and keep the conversation going on social media and via newsletters – printed or digital.


    Expertise & trust

    Online Brand Ambassadors have designed and monitored digital brand reputations and advertising campaigns since 2005. We believe that every word counts – every tagline, advert, publication, message, comment and review must adhere to the high standards your customers expect from your brand.

    Why advertising and privacy?

  •  Advertising

    We strategise, develop and monitor targeted digital advertising campaigns via all the major social media platforms, including Google Display and Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Production includes in-house studio photography and copywriting.

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  • Social media

    Connect with people that have shown an interest in your services or products, that find themselves near you, or that choose to follow you on social media. We drive the conversation and manage your online reputation on your behalf.