Building Bridges, Forging Success: The Belgian Chamber of Commerce in South Africa

As the advertising agency entrusted with managing the online presence and corporate identity of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce in South Africa (BCCSA), we're passionate about showcasing the vital role they play in bridging the gap between Belgian and Southern African businesses. This article delves into the BCCSA's mission, services, ... Read / View all articles

The Evolution of Privacy and Data Protection from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0

The World Wide Web has evolved significantly since its inception in the early 1990s. From the static, read-only pages of Web 1.0 to the interactive, social media-driven Web 2.0, and now the emerging decentralised Web 3.0, the way we interact with the internet has changed dramatically. These changes have also ... Read / View all articles

Karoo Lamb: A Taste of South Africa’s Soul, Protected for Generations to Come

Beyond the plate: the story of Karoo Lamb The Karoo Lamb GI is more than just a label; it's a story. It's the story of generations of farmers who have nurtured a tradition of excellence. It's the story of a land that is both harsh and beautiful, and the animals ... Read / View all articles

Elevate your advertising and video projects with Jerome Arthur music

Captivate Your Audience with Imaginative Soundscapes. Our library offers a diverse range of high-quality tracks to perfectly complement your commercial and creative projects. From stirring cinematic scores to catchy jingles and everything in between, find the ideal soundscape to hook viewers and leave a lasting impression. "Ethereal trip-hop strip teases, ... Read / View all articles

SEO or Pay-per-Click?

While all digital advertising campaigns share a common objective, how they go about attaining this objective can be roughly distinguished in "organic" and "pay-per-click" strategies. Organic strategies play the long game. They include SEO (search engine optimisation), SMN (social media networking), and EM (email marketing). In essence, these strategies try ... Read / View all articles

The Difference between Data Privacy and Data Protection

The terms data privacy and data protection are often used interchangeably. But while they share overlapping concepts, they are not identical. It is important to distinguish data privacy and data protection, because not all data that deserves protection is private, and not all private data deserves protection. Before we look ... Read / View all articles

What makes digital advertising special

Advertisers craft and distribute messages with a specific purpose: to grab the attention of particular audiences in order to create awareness, or to persuade them to act in a particular way, or to accept a particular belief – like buying a product or service, or embracing a brand.   The ... Read / View all articles

Why you should respect people’s right to data privacy

You may be thinking: "To hell with data privacy, what about my profits?" or "I have nothing to hide". Why shouldn't we exchange private data for services and products we desire? And why should companies care about my data? Surely, there is money to be made from people's private information. ... Read / View all articles

Introduction to “The Ethics of Data Privacy”

All societies have to balance privacy claims with other moral concerns. However, while some concern for privacy appears to be a common feature of social life, the definition, extent and moral justifications for privacy differ widely. Are there better and worse ways of conceptualising, justifying, and managing privacy? These are ... Read / View all articles

Data Privacy Resources

Complaints ito. POPIA (and PAIA) may be lodged directly with the Regulator. Lodge a POPIA/PAIA complaint.   Check for the latest notices and updates here   1 Protection of Personal Information (POPIA) Regulation   Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013   Regulations relating to the Protection of Personal Information, 2018 ... Read / View all articles

Ethical Advertising

We choose to advertise ethically, by leaving it up to our target audiences to decide (and remain in control of) which personal data they wish to share with us. This allows us to build trusted, direct relationships and long-term value with your customers. Advertising is all about persuading people – ... Read / View all articles

The Ethics of Data Privacy

Technology, and in particular information and communication technology (ICT), often relies on sensitive data about people to deliver the results we want from them. There is nothing inherently wrong with this: our social, scientific, political and economic institutions and progress rely on this data, and would be seriously hampered if ... Read / View all articles

Section 18 Notification

Transparency about which information is being collected, who collects and gets access to the information, and for what purpose it will be used, is one of the most important principles of POPIA compliance. In fact, an entire section of POPIA is devoted to the notification obligation: Section 18. If personal ... Read / View all articles

Direct marketing

When you contact people in person, or by mail, or by any form of electronic communication (including automatic calling machines, fax, SMS, or email) to promote a product or service, POPIA's special "direct marketing" rules apply. In broad terms, you may electronically market your services and products to people that ... Read / View all articles

Introduction to PAIA

The Promotion of Access to Information Act in a nutshell Download PAIA Additional resources PAIA regulates the constitutional right of 'access to information' held by public and private institutions, and stipulates conditions for how one may request access to this information. "Everyone has the right of access to - (a) ... Read / View all articles

Introduction to POPIA

The Protection of Personal Information Act in a nutshell Download POPIA Additional resources POPIA is South Africa's answer to a global call for the protection of information by means of which people may be identified. Like the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), POPIA regulates how that information may ... Read / View all articles
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