• Why work with us?

    We have twenty years of experience in information and communication management under our belt. In that time we have refined our skills to a fine art. We love what we do, we're good at what we do, and we have the track record to show for it. Everything we craft ... Read / View all articles
  • How we work

    Establishing and maintaining a trusting, understanding relationship with you is central to delivering our best work. Understanding your company and establishing a trusted relationship with you are central to delivering our best work. The first step is therefore for us to get a grasp of your company goals, philosophy, and ... Read / View all articles
  • Ethical Advertising

    We choose to advertise ethically, by leaving it up to our target audiences to decide which (personal) data they wish to share with us. This allows us to build trusted, direct relationships and long-term value with your customers. Advertising is all about persuading people – to induce, influence, and encourage ... Read / View all articles
  • Two Factor Authentication

    Two factor authentication improves the security of the admin login of your website, by requiring a separately generated code in addition to username and password. Here's how to install two factor authentication for our websites. 1. Install Google’s Authenticator app on your phone 2. Go to yourwebsite.com/admin and navigate to ... Read / View all articles

Information Design

Every word counts.

We write, design, structure, and publish your information. Tailored to specific audiences, purposes, platforms and technologies. Elegantly, accurately, and efficiently.

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Web Design

Every pixel counts.

We develop and manage custom Wordpress-based websites: from sleek company portfolios to e-commerce web shops, and complex interactive data processing applications.

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Every click counts.

We develop and manage your online reputation and corporate identity, and connect with potential customers that show an interest in your business, services and products.

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Data Privacy Compliance

Every person counts.

Do you have a question about POPIA, or need assistance with its legal requirements? We draft legal opinions and assist with data privacy assessments and policies.

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