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  Jeroen Seynhaeve     2022-11-01

POPIA The Protection Of Personal Information Act

Complaints ito. POPIA (and PAIA) may be lodged directly with the Regulator. Lodge a POPIA/PAIA complaint.

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1 Protection of Personal Information (POPIA)


  1.   Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013
  2.   Regulations relating to the Protection of Personal Information, 2018
  3.   Guidance Note on Information Officers and Deputy Information Officers, 1 April 2021
  4.   Guidance Note on the Processing of Personal Information in the Management and Containment of Covid-19 Pandemic
  5.   Guidance Note on Exemptions from the Conditions for Lawful Processing of Personal Information
  6.   Guidance Note on Processing Personal Information of Children
  7.   Guidance Note on Processing of Special Personal Information
  8.   Guidance Note On The Processing Of Personal Information Of A Voter By A Political Party

Codes of Conduct

  1.   View list of Codes of Conduct

Information Officers

  1. Template C for IOs
  2. template B for DIOs
  3. Register online (POPIA online registration portal)
  4. Download the official POPIA registration PDF form and e-mail to [email protected]


  1.   Form 4 : Application for the Consent of a Data Subject for the processing of Personal Information for the purpose of Direct Marketing in terms of Section 69(2) of POPIA
  2.   Application for processing of special personal information
  3.   Application for processing of personal information of children


  1.   Form 1 Objection to the Processing of Personal Information in terms of Section 11(3) of POPIA
  2.   Form 2 Request for Correction, Deletion or Destruction of (records of) Personal Information in terms of Section 24(1) of POPIA
  3.   Form 5 (Part 1) : Submit a Complaint to the Information regulator regarding Interference with the Protection of Personal Information in terms of Section 74(1) of POPIA


2 Access to Information (PAIA)


  1.   Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000
  2.   PAIA Amendment Act, 2019
  3.   (Draft) Regulations relating to the Promotion of Access to Information, 2021

PAIA Manual

  1.   PAIA Manual Template: Private Body


  1.   Form C Request for Access to Record of Private Body in terms of Section 53(1) PAIA
  2.   Form E Automatically Available Records and Access to Such Records in terms of Section 52 PAIA

SAICA Retention of Records Guide

  1.   SAICA Retention of Records Guide 2021


3 International Resources


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