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Protection of personal information matters. It creates valuable company assets, establishes consumer trust, and prevents costly data breaches, reputational damage, and potential fines. We consult businesses on legal POPIA and PAIA requirements, and assist with compliance documents and procedures.

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We assess your current compliance with data privacy law, and draw up elegant and practical solutions

The Protection of Personal Information Act (2013) stipulates a range of rules on how to process personal information about people and companies. Apart from having the right people, procedures and documents in place, efficient management of queries and disputes is crucial for lawful data privacy compliance


  1. 1 We conduct a detailed assessment of your current personal data management practices – online or in person
  2. 2 We evaluate the assessment and consult on legal compliance
  3. 3 We compile a comprehensive framework for processing personal data, including procedures, manuals, agreements, and notifications
Data privacy is protected in South Africa by POPIA, a national act that gives effect to the (universal, human and constitutional) right to privacy. POPIA must be read together with PAIA, another act that gives effect to the right to access to information. Together these acts establish the legal framework for managing personal information about the people you do business with.

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The Ethics of Data privacy

Data-driven technologies challenge our ethical notions of privacy in unprecedented ways. This calls for a new approach to data privacy: rather than trying to predict and manage harms we hardly understand, we need to define clear ethical boundaries for the processing of personal data. Read my Master Thesis here

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