Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing

  Jeroen Seynhaeve     2024-06-15 Jeroen Seynhaeve (LLM, MPHIL) writes about web design, digital advertising, the ethics of data privacy, and POPIA and PAIA

Frequently Asked Questions about digital content marketing

What’s the cost of a basic website?

The cost of a website depends on its aesthetic and functional requirements. Most clients require a basic layout with logo, banner, photos and text, while others may want a more unique and distinguished look and feel, with handcrafted illustrations and animations. Most clients are happy with a basic display of images and text, while others require specific functionalities, including blogs, custom lists of products or other items, online shops (e-commerce) and online credit card payments, online booking platforms, membership management, and integrations with third-party platforms (like Mailchimp). All these requirements need to be discussed before we can provide you with a detailed quote.

Do you host websites and manage domain names?

Yes, we host websites and email in South Africa and in Germany, and manage domain names on your behalf wherever they are available in the world.

Are your websites responsive?

Yes, all our websites are developed from the ground up with flexible screen sizes in mind.

Will I be able to manage my own website?

Yes, you are able to manage the content (images and text) of your website via your laptop, tablet or phone. We develop websites on top of WordPress software. We’ve chosen WordPress for five reasons: (1) It is free and includes free updates. (2) It is highly flexible. (3) It is user-friendly. (4) It comes with an array of free and paid ‘plugins’. (5) With a 63% market share, it is the world’s most popular website software (or CMS, ‘Content Management System’). Other CMSs include Drupal (1.6%), Joomla (2.6%), Squarespace (3%), Wix (3.7%) and Shopify (5.9%).

Will people be able to find my website on Google and Bing?

Yes. We apply basic on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to all our websites, and monitor your website via Google’s Search Console. This does however not guarantee that your website always ranks at the top of search engine results. In fact, there is never any guarantee for that, but there are strategies (on-site and off-site) that can help your website to rank higher. These strategies are not included in our web design quotes, and need to be discussed separately.

Will I be able to track how many people interact with my website

Yes, we set up Google Analytics, which keeps track of how many people find your website, how they find it, and what they do on your website.

Are your websites POPIA, PAIA and GDPR compliant?

Yes, we set up the legally required privacy statement (including a s18 POPIA notification), cookie policy, cookie consent, and PAIA manual on your website.

How do you make sure my website is secure?

We set up industry-standard protocols to prevent hackers from accessing your website maliciously, including two-factor authentication, Google’s reCaptcha, firewalls, automated scans, and automated backups on two separate servers.

Who do I contact when I need help?

We are readily available to assist clients, and pride ourselves on quick and efficient service. Please get in touch with us here.

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