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  Jeroen Seynhaeve     2022-11-02

Establishing and maintaining a trusting, understanding relationship with you is central to delivering our best work.

Understanding your company and establishing a trusted relationship with you are central to delivering our best work. The first step is therefore for us to get a grasp of your company goals, philosophy, and operations, and of how our work fits into this broader context.

Based on your particular requirements and preferences, and taking into account current trends and technologies, we make a proposal for your online presence. Depending on your needs, this may include a website, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, and social media. If your company already has an online presence, this step may include an analysis of its performance, followed by suggestions as to how this may be improved.

It is crucial for a project to be successful to find a balance between what we advise, based on our expertise in digital advertising, and what you require, based on your expertise in running a successful business. Some decisions may rely on personal taste, while others may require a more technical approach. In the end, however, you make the final call.

Next, we develop what we’ve agreed on, in close consultation with you. You are able to keep track of our progress online, and suggest edits that fall within the scope of our proposal along the way. We’re happy to accommodate larger edits that don’t fall within the scope and cost estimation of our proposal, too, and to A/B test different designs and functionalities. In our experience, successful websites are the result of an exchange of ideas.

Once the website or advertising campaign is complete, we activate it, and start monitoring it with automated software as well as manual checks and updates. While the basics of websites, social media and digital advertising campaigns can be managed by your staff, we advise that we stay on board for ongoing monitoring, analysis, and consulting.

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