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  Jeroen Seynhaeve     2024-05-31

Mailing List

You may be subscribed to our mailing list and receive marketing emails from Online Brand Ambassadors if you’re a client, if you have shown an interest in us, or if you have consented to receiving marketing communication from us. Removing yourself from our mailing list is easy: click the unsubscribe link you find at the bottom of any marketing email you receive from us. Alternatively contact us directly and we’ll happily check your subscription and/or cancel it on your behalf.

Do Not Contact list

Did you know that the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) keeps track of a national Do-Not-Contact (DNC) list since 2006, and offers everyone the opportunity to register e-mail, address, telephone and cell phone details for three years. Just remember that the registration needs to be renewed every three years – the DMASA does not notify you of the expiration date. All DMASA members undertake to remove contact details of users registered on the DNC List from their marketing databases. Opt Out now


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