A boutique communication, design & data protection consulting studio.

 Brand Solutions


Brand representation

We write and lay out reports and press releases on your behalf, and keep the conversation going on social media and via newsletters, printed or digital. We believe that every word counts – every publication, message, comment and review must adhere to the high standards your customers expect from your brand.



Privacy management

The Protection of Personal Information Act (2013) stipulates a range of rules on how to process personal information about people and companies. Apart from having the right procedures and documents in place, efficient management of queries and disputes is crucial to a lawful (and ethical) privacy policy / Read more about Data Protection, Privacy, and POPIA here


 Website Development

Unlike most web designers, who rely on pre-built, off the shelf templates, we custom design and hand-code most of the programming that powers our websites on top of the WordPress engine. This allows us to build applications tailored to any specific functional or aesthetic requirements your company may have. The websites we have developed since 2006 range from responsive company presentations to e-commerce, map-driven and complex interactive data processing applications / Includes web and email hosting management.


 Graphic design

Good design meets three criteria: beauty, simplicity and clarity. We believe that good design is not just a matter of personal taste, or haphazard creativity, but mostly a matter of creatively applying professional standards with regard to colour, proportionality, rhythm, core business and target audience strategies, current trends, etc. We design for screen and print, and our work has since 2005 included logos, advertising, brochures, labels, reports, menus, and product packaging.



We strategise, develop and monitor targeted advertising campaigns via all the major social media platforms, including Google Display and Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Production includes in-house studio photography and copywriting.