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Unlike most web designers, who rely on pre-built, off-the-shelf templates, we custom design and hand-code most of the programming that powers our websites: HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. This allows us to build applications tailored to any specific functional or aesthetic requirements your company may have.

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We custom-build our websites on top of WordPress software – a user-friendly and globally supported content management system (CMS) that allows you to manage your website’s content from your own PC, tablet or phone. Not only is the WordPress software (and its future updates) free to use, it also comes with a whole range of plugins that enhance the functionality of your website.

Custom WordPress Website Development

Tailor-made web design

We custom-programme most of the HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript source code that powers our websites. Not only does this allow us to create unique designs, it also increases our control over the functionality, speed, search engine optimisation and security of our websites, and enables us to integrate website data with map-, search- and other data-based applications.
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Custom web design requires expertise in HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, WordPress, and Adobe Creative Cloud

Management & Monitoring

Managing a website is not a once-off process. Your website needs to be hosted on a reliable and secure server, monitored for erroneous downtime and malicious threats, and updated to the latest software versions, trends and standards. We’re here to help with all that, and look forward to working with your team.

Custom WordPress Web Design

Data privacy compliant

As part of our development, we compile and publish the legally required data privacy policies and notifications on your website in terms of POPIA (Protection of Personal Information) and PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information).

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Data protection compliant web design
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