Protection of Personal Information & the Right to Access to Information in South Africa.

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Why comply?

You may be wondering: “To hell with data privacy, what about my profits?” In other words, what’s in it for you?

The legal fraternity will be keen to mention the conciliatory, investigative, administrative, criminal and civil procedures that may be lodged against you in terms of sections 73-109 of POPIA – for not complying with POPIA, for not cooperating with the Information Regulator, or for the harm this has caused.

But there are other reasons too. Firstly, as part of their own compliance requirements, companies within your supply or service chain need to ensure that the companies (like yours) they work with are POPIA compliant. Secondly, a data breach harms your company’s reputation and consumer trust. And thirdly, good quality, well organised and well secured personal data about your customers or suppliers is a great asset for your business, and raises its market value.