Logo Online Brand Ambassadors

Twenty years of experience in digital advertising under our belt.

In that time we have refined our skills to a fine art. We love what we do, we’re good at what we do, and we have the track record to show for it.

Certified expertise

We continuously keep abreast of new trends in digital marketing, and are proud to rely on a sound educational background in law (LLM, Leuven), philosophy (MPHIL, Stellenbosch), and Google.

Everything we craft is custom-made

We don’t use off-the-shelf templates for websites and advertising campaigns, or for the legal opinions and documents we draft. This allows us to create unique applications and advice, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

A small company for a reason

You deal with one person, and one person only. No fast-talking account managers, jargon-spouting technical crews, or inexperienced interns. We don’t subcontract or outsource. This allows us to remain flexible, and to keep full control over the quality of our work and our relationship with you.

Our relationship with you is personal

All our clients have a direct line to us, and we are easily available for remote and in-person meetings. Transparency, availability, and trust are central to how we work. Once we play for your team, we’re here to help. We feel no need to impress you with jargon, or to talk you into things you and your company don’t need.

Versatile and flexible

We work for clients in a widely varying range of industries. Understanding your company’s philosophy, values, ambitions and operations is central to delivering our best work.

We love being part of a team

We look forward to working with your IT, design, sales, and marketing departments – in person or on screen.

We make use of the best tools and suppliers

Apple/Mac hardware, Adobe Creative Cloud software, WordPress for website content management, xneelo.co.za for website and email hosting, Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn for advertising and analysis, and Bialetti for home-made espresso ;-)

We believe in ethical advertising

Advertising must at all times respect data privacy rights and focus on building long-term, transparent, meaningful, consensual and trusted relationships with customers … read more